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Brand Assessment / Packaging / Interface Design

Panasonic first approached Bluelounge with a test project to redesign the opening screen of their Digital Video Recorder. Our work on the interface designs resulted in a utility patent on the interface itself and the new kind of remote control to operate the interface. All work and sketches on the interfaces were bound by a five year confidentiality agreement and cannot be shown to public until year 2009.

The sample image shown is one of the earliest study, and its true content has been modified from its original form to protect our client’s privacy.

Since the pilot project, Bluelounge continue to develop other creative relationships with Panasonic Design Company in Osaka, including their Battery Department.

Panasonic conducted an brand assessment towards their existing battery packaging and concluded that there was a significant inconsistency throughout all their battery packaging around the world. They commissioned us to explore a universal packaging design for all their battery worldwide, using their new brand philosophy “Panasonic – Ideas for Life”.