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Unicel Filters

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Unicel produces filters and cleaning devices for swimming pools. They are the original and largest pool filters manufacturer in the United States.

Since their first establishment, Unicel had always had the cartoon character Mr. Uni as their mascot and media speaker. However Mr. Uni had become old fashion in his hand illustrated rendition and needed an update. So Bluelounge worked together with an award winning 3D animation studio to create a series of poses for Mr. Uni with a brand new style of rendition. He received a modern touch without losing his original characteristics. 

Mr. Uni's fresh new image became the key brand speaker of the company.

In 2012, Unicel launched an app for iPhone and iPad which Bluelounge designed and managed the app development. The app allows users to perform Filter Searches, keep a log in their Pool Tracker and offers How-To Videos for instructions and educational information. Store Locator and Service Person search are also included.